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Dear authors and other copyright holders!

The National Center of Intellectual Property implements on a collective basis the management of property rights to works (musical, dramatic, choreographic, etc.) in the following areas of use:

  • public performance (concerts, cultural events, performances in public places, etc.);
  • communication to the public (use on television, radio, cable television, distribution in the Internet, etc.);
  • reproduction and distribution (manufacture and sale of CDs and other audio recording media).

In case you own copyright to musical works or works used in theatrical performances, your works are actively used, and you are interested to gain copyright royalties for the use of your works, NCIP is pleased to offer you its services for managing your rights. Conclusion of a contract with NCIP on the management to property rights to works, gives you the opportunity:

  • to receive on a regular basis the copyright remuneration for the use of works both in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad;
  • to have an access to information about the use of works and other objects for which the remuneration is collected;
  • to receive necessary information, explanations and consultations on the implementation and enforcement of their copyright to works;
  • to rely on the necessary assistance in case of enforcement of their copyright and on the prosecution of violators.

For more information on the procedure for concluding and implementing a contract on managing rights, you can get in the rights registration division of CMC of NCIP by calling a number 294 85 03, or by personal applying to the address: Minsk, Kozlova Str. 20, off. 114 or by e-mail:

Information on accrued royalty.