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Dear users!

The National Center of Intellectual Property carries out on a collective basis the management of property rights to works (musical, dramatic, choreographic, etc.), as well as staging in the following main areas of use:

  • public performance and public display (theatrical performances, concerts, cultural events, performances in public places, etc.);
  • communication to the public (use on television, radio, cable television, Internet, etc.);
  • reproduction and distribution (production and sale of CDs and other record carriers, reissue of scientific articles).

In case you or your organization:

  • organize and conduct concerts or theatrical and entertainment events;
  • use music works as background music;
  • broadcast music by radio or television; provide services in the field of cable television;
  • distribute music through the Internet;
  • produce and distribute musical works on material carriers;
  • and also perform other actions, in one way or another connected with the use of musical, dramatic, musical-dramatic, choreographic, literary and other works, as well as productions –

most likely, you need to conclude a contract with NCIP on the use of works in order that the actions you carry out shall be legitimate and not violate copyright of rights holders whose interests are represented by NCIP.

Being an accredited organization for collective management, NCIP now represents the interests of over 4,000 Belarusian authors and other copyright holders of musical works, as well as works and productions used in theatrical performances. In addition, on the basis of concluded contracts with foreign organizations on collective management, NCIP enforces in the territory of the Republic of Belarus the interests of over one million authors and rights holders from different countries of the world.

Thus, the conclusion of a contract on the use of works with NCIP, which is a requirement of the current legislation, will allow you, in addition to the legitimate use of the broadest repertoire of musical works and works of the theatrical sphere, to contribute through the payment of author's remuneration to the development of culture and creativity in our country, strengthening the international image of Belarus as a civilized state, ensuring the observance of copyrights.

For additional information on practical issues related to the use of works and other objects, the rights to which are managed by NCIP, you can obtain from specialists of the division of licensing the use of the works of CMC of NCIP by calling 294 12 59 or by contacting: 20, Kozlov Str., Minsk.