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The National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP), in pursuance of the legislation in force in the Republic of Belarus, exercises collective management of and safeguards the economic rights of authors, other copyright and related rights holders in case it is complicated to enforce the same case by case.

Within the framework of its collective management activities the NCIP is entitled

  • to conclude the economic rights collective management contracts with the authors and other copyright and related rights holders;
  • to conclude contracts on granting the right to use copyright works with the persons exploiting copyright works (hereinafter referred to as “Users”), which serve as a basis for payment of author’s remuneration for such use;
  • to collect and distribute royalties received from the users and effect payment of the remuneration to authors and other rights holders for copyright work use.

At present time the NCIP exercises collective administration of the economic rights in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the following areas:

  • public performance of musical works (with or without text);
  • use of copyright woks in the theatrical performance repertoire and the repertoires of other public concert and entertainment events;
  • reproduction, import, dissemination of musical works (with or without text) fixed on a material carrier in the form of a sound recording;
  • communication of musical works (with or without text) to the public (including public broadcasting, closed-circuit relay (re-broadcasting), and also making them available to the public via Internet).

The NCIP is entitled also to distribute royalties and pay the remuneration to the authors, received for re-edition or reissue of scientific papers and articles abroad under the contracts with respective organizations.

Currently, the NCIP is authorized and exercises, on the basis of the contracts concluded, collective enforcement and collective protection of the economic rights in the above areas, representing the interests of over 3 (three) thousand Belarusian authors and other copyright holders. To view an updated list of persons, having their economic rights protected by the copyright contracts administered by the NCIP, please click here.

To enforce the rights of the Belarusian authors to receiving the remuneration for use of their works abroad, and also to protect the rights of the foreign authors in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the NCIP has made it a practice to conclude the reciprocal representation agreements with the collective management organizations domiciled in other countries. To have access to the information on partner organizations, which the NCIP has established partner relations with, please click here. In addition, the NCIP is a full-fledged member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), which is composed of 229 collective management organizations from 121 countries of the world.

The NCIP, on its part, is dedicated to work purposefully towards progressive enhancement in the efficiency of its collective management activity. The work is carried out in collaboration with and with the support of Authors’ Society, which has entrusted the Author’s Council, functioning under the NCIP, to represent its interests. The exerted efforts allow ensuring steady growth of key indicators of collective management efficiency.  

The collective management functions within the NCIP are administered by the Center for Collective Management of Economic Rights, a special organization department.