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25 July 2022

Winners of the first cycle of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Global Awards Program were small and medium-sized enterprises from China, Japan, the Netherlands and Singapore; the initiative is developed in order to recognize unique users of the intellectual property (IP) system among companies and individuals whose work is focused on making life better in their countries and beyond.

The distinguished seven-member international jury selected the winners among 272 candidates from 62 countries. The program seeks to identify innovative commercial solutions, based on IP and stimulating economic, social and cultural progress.

The first round of Global Awards is focused on the small and medium-sized enterprises that form the backbone of the global economy with a future focus on youth and women.

"I am proud that the newly launched WIPO Global Awards Program supports outstanding enterprises and individual users of IP striving to make the world better, while shaping a role model community in line with our vision to make IP work for everyone, everywhere," Daren Tang said.

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Photo: WIPO