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12 October 2022

The Pharmaceutical Register of the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO Pharmacovigilance Register) is an information and search resource containing information about patents for inventions related to pharmacologically active substances with international nonproprietary names (INN).

The EAPO Pharmacovigilance Register has been established in order to inform interested persons about availability of exclusive rights for inventions covering substances with pharmacological activity protected in the territory of the Eurasian Patent Convention (EAPC) Member States and provides patent holders with an additional tool for protection of their rights.

The EAPO Pharmacovigilance Register contains information about patents on the basis of which pharmacologically active substances (chemical compounds, including those described by a common structural formula, biotechnological products, compositions and combinations of pharmacologically active substances), methods of production of pharmacologically active substances and their medical applications are protected. It also contains up-to-date information about the legal status of the corresponding patents in the EAPC member states, licensing agreements concluded and registration certificates for medicinal products issued by the authorized bodies of these states.

The EAPO now provides an opportunity to include information on the national patents of the EAPC member states in the EAPC Pharmacovigilance Register. For this purpose the owners of the national patents can submit a corresponding application directly to the EAPO. Documents required for submission of such an application and the procedure for its examination are stipulated by the Procedure for maintenance of the PharmRegister which is placed on the Eurasian Patent Organization web-portal (Section "Documents", subsection "Issues of Legal Protection of Inventions").

Technical aspects of information exchange with regard to the national patents for timely actualization of their legal status will be agreed upon by the EAPO individually with each patent office of the EAPO member states.

The EAPO Pharmacovigilance Directory is available at the EAPO web-portal at the following link.