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19 March 2014

During the event the issues which are of the great importance for the development of SMEs capacity in our country have been discussed, and the prospects for further implementation of the IP National Strategy in Belarus for 2012 – 2020 have been highlighted within the framework of the seminar topic.

Among the honourable participants at the seminar were the speakers of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO): Mr. Anil Sinha, Head, SMEs Section, Mr. Evgeny Sesitsky, TDC, WIPO, Mr. Pierre El Khuory, PHD., Faculty of Law, La Sagesse University, IP Law, Technology of Information, Independent Legal Consultant and Mr. Ronald Marchant, CB FRSA, WIPO Consultant, the former Director of the UK Patent Office, and among the host side speakers were Mr. P. I. Baltrukovich, Vice-Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technologies (SCST) of the Republic of Belarus, Mr. K. Krjukov, Ministry of Economics, Mr. Piotr. N. Broukin, Director General of the National Center of Intellectual Property, Mr. Vladimir Karjaguin, Chairman of the Union of Business Legal Entities and the Republican Confederation of Business, other representatives.

The attendants of the seminar had a good opportunity to have IP-orientated information on the activities carried out by the state bodies of Belarus to implement the state policy, governed by the President of the Republic of Belarus and followed up by the Belarusian Government in cooperation with the WIPO, to support and develop business of SMEs. The specialists and employees concerned discussed a role of the efficient management of the intellectual property assets to enhance the competitiveness of the SMEs.

The speakers and the participants of the seminar, in an open and freely accessible manner, made their respective presentations and exchanged the views on the major topics of the seminar to implement the practical aspects of exploiting the objects of industrial property rights in the field of branding and the author's rights, and perform timely and relevant audit of the respective intellectual property, of the IPR objects and avoid IPRs infringement.