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16 September 2022

On September 15-16, 2022, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Library of Belarus the IV International Congress "Library as a Cultural Phenomenon" was held.

Katsiaryna Yantsikava, Head of the Division of Copyright and Related Rights Legislation of the Legal and Human Resources Department, took part in the event on behalf of the National Center of Intellectual Property with her report "Copyright in Libraries.

The report touched upon the main issues of libraries' activities related to copyright in the context of digital transformation. The issues included preservation of works, provision of access to them, and cross-border exchange of copies. In general, the legislation allows libraries to transfer copies from analogue into digital form in order to complete library collections, to replace lost or unusable copies, which ensures the preservation of cultural heritage. Libraries can provide digital copies of works using technical measures of copyright or related rights protection, make copies of excerpts of works, as well as of articles and small-volume works for educational and research purposes at the request of readers.