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5 February 2023

30 years ago, on February 5, 1993, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus adopted three laws on protection of industrial property ("On Patents for Inventions", "On Patents for Industrial Designs", "On Trademarks and Service Marks").

These laws laid the foundation for the functioning of the intellectual property (IP) system of the Republic of Belarus. The possibility of legal protection of inventions, industrial designs and trademarks was created.

Since 1993 up to now more than 34 000 applications for inventions, more than 5000 applications for industrial designs and more than 96 600 applications for trademarks have been filed with the National Centre of Intellectual Property (NCIP).

The current edition of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the field of IP can be found in the "Legislation" section of the NCIP official website.

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