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21 September 2022

On September 21, 2022, the first annual international Eurasian conference on intellectual property and technologies "IP Eurasia. Innovation Space" was organized by the Eurasian Patent Office together with the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property.

The conference was devoted to the issues of patent protection in the field of pharmaceutics and observing the balance of interests of the society and drug developers, cooperation of the state structures and business on the Eurasian space, harmonization of legal approaches, practical interaction with the market participants and forming the common agenda, as well as other important issues related to protection, defense and commercialization of the intellectual property objects in the Eurasian region.

The conference was attended by the Director General of the National Center of Intellectual Property Uladzimir Rabavolau.

In his speech devoted to the development of pharmaceutics in the Republic of Belarus, he noted that the implementation of investment and innovative projects allowed to create a new pharmaceutical industry of the country with highly profitable production corresponding to the international standards of good manufacturing practices.

Photo: NCIP