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15 July 2022

NCIP Director General Uladzimir Rabavolau informed that our country is now considering accession to the Lisbon System.

In his speech Mr. Rabavolau also noted that the Government of Belarus strives to provide all the necessary conditions for realization of scientific and technical potential of each individual, organization and the country as a whole, and works purposefully to strengthen the national intellectual property system.

"The key areas of improving this system are laid down in such fundamental documents as the Strategy in the Intellectual Property Sphere and the State Program of Innovative Development. Implementing them, we increase inventive activity, expand the network of Technology and Innovation Support Centers, introduce the issues of intellectual property rights into the academic environment".

In addition, Mr. Rabavolau said that the national system of intellectual property has a huge potential to become a full-fledged economic tool for accelerated development of the country and strengthening the social well-being of the people.