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30 December 2020

The 6th episode of the animated series tells the story of a circular saw invention by an ordinary American woman and her special approach to making the American Dream come true.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, in 2019 the overall number of patent applications exceeded 3.2 million, and the number of valid patents reached 15 million.

At the same time, global statistics record an annual drop in the number of patent applications. On the other hand, people haven’t started to invent less over the years. Experts attribute the decline in patent activity to a number of reasons, including low legal literacy, long procedure for obtaining patents, which is significantly inferior to the rate of technology updating. Ideological principles of inventors also have a significant impact on refusal to patent.

In the modern world, the United States is considered to be a country with a high level of legal literacy and responsibility, including in the intellectual property field. But even there, there are often cases of refusal to patent inventions for ideological reasons.

One example of this unconventional approach is the story of the weaver Sarah Babbitt, who invented the circular saw based on her spinning wheel.

The woman questioned the principle of the “American Dream”, deliberately refusing to register the rights to her invention and the possibility of subsequent earnings. One would think that this is due to ignorance of the laws, but Sarah Babbitt, who came up with dozens of innovations extremely relevant to this day, was guided by her ideology, which was fundamentally different from the principles of a market economy.
Sarah Babbitt's story is no example – it is an exception. The world history of intellectual property shows dozens of different cases when authors refused to timely protect their inventions and creations for various reasons, which often led to sad consequences: theft of inventions, loss of financial gain, inability to restore their name as an author in history, and so on.

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Photo: NCIP